So Arlo, What Did You Do This Week? #6

A snowy day here and it looks like it’s going to set so I definitely won’t be tempted to go out with the pram in that! A little late with my my digest of Arlo’s week but here it is…

Arlo’s first cold

Arlo caught his first cold so this week there’s been lots of cuddles and calpole. He still has a bit of cough but he’s so much better than he was. He’s been fine within himself but during the early stages of it I could see he wasn’t happy, especially during the night. His coughing would wake him up so naturally we had a few tough nights.

Then his dad and I got it and for me it was my first cold in what felt like forever. I was pretty healthy during my pregnancy so I guess it was about time I got a cold!

Essentials for your baby’s cold 

Steamy bathroom

We had our first bath together this week and I steamed up the bathroom to help with his blocked nose which seemed to work wonders. If you haven’t tried having a shower or a bath with your baby it’s an amazing bonding time for you and your little one.

Calpol Saline Nasal Spray

One spray up each nostril really helps to unblock thei nose. We did this a couple of times a day which seemed to really help Arlo. Available at Boots.


Inhalant decongestant oil which smells amazing (if you like that Vicks type of smell). Its really good to help relieve their nasal congestion; we added a few drops to cups of boiling water and dotted them around the house. Available at Boots.

Snufflebabe- vapour rub 

Rubbing a little on their chest before bed time will really help your little one and it can also be placed in a tissue if it can be attached to their clothing. Available at Boots.

Hoping for a healthier week this week and I hope you all have a good one too!




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