So Arlo, What Did You Do This Week? #5

I’m just getting time to do a little digest of Arlo’s week now as what started as a pretty slow week ended with a busy little weekend. Our family came to visit which is always nice but after lots of walking and tonnes of food, I’m ready to hit the sack. I hope you’ve all had a good week!

New clobber 

I must admit, I love Arlo in a good pair of leggings and this week we were gifted a pair from Tiny Tot Tribe to add to his collection. We were sent their Monochrome Tribal Bear leggings in jersey cotton and I couldn’t wait to get him in them!


With an elasticated waist, these leggings are super comfortable and were a perfect fit for Arlo in size 6-9 months. The cuffs are also elasticated giving you the option to turn them up or leave down. The simple but stylish monochrome design allows for an easy pairing with any coloured top but we opted for a white t-shirt to finish off the outfit. Tiny Tot Tribe offer a variety of other leggings which you can see here while the rest of their unisex collection features shorts, t-shirts and bibs for your little one.


I’m lucky to say that Arlo has always been a good sleeper. From birth he has always enjoyed his naps and has been pretty good during the nights, only waking for feeds. He has had phases of course where it has been more difficult but this week he definitely seems to have established a good routine.

Arlo has been falling asleep around 8.00pm and sleeping through until around 5.00am when he then wakes for a feed and goes back down, waking again between 7.00am-8.00am. I would say that introducing formula has helped his sleeping. I must admit that I am sad about cutting down the amount of breastfeeds but he seems a lot more settled during the night since he’s been having formula so I guess that’s a good thing?! I hope to continue to breastfeed during the daytime for as long as possible though (I’m so not ready to cut it out completely).

We have also started more of a bed time routine which I also think has helped with his sleeping; we do bathtime, dim the lighting and honestly these two simple things usually work pretty well. As I’ve mentioned before we co-sleep and I will also say that this has a lot to do with how well he sleeps; I know that if we was to sleep train him in his cot, an 8.00pm to 5.00am sleep would not be the case and it would be a lot harder but right now this is what works for us.

Have a great week ahead!




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