So Arlo, What Did You Do This Week? #4

After a few busy weekends we have a super relaxed one in store. The weather is bad here too which always make it extra nice to be cosy indoors.

Matchstick Monkey 

We were kindly sent a Monkey Teething Toy in Grey this week from Matchstick Monkey. I think Arlo has been showing signs of teething for a month or so and because he is dribbling a lot more now, I thought it a good idea to try another teething toy for him to explore. After showing little interest in his other teething toys, this new addition is super soft and he seems to have really taken to it. The other ones we have tried before have been a lot harder and Arlo struggles to get a grip on them but he seems a lot more comfortable with this one.

As well as helping to soothe sore gums the toy is designed to care for new teeth with its toothbrush feature. I know we probably have the worst of teething to come and this is probably just the start but I’m glad to be able to keep Arlo occupied through a great learning toy that will also help to soothe him.


You can find the teething toy and the rest of Matchstick Monkey’s collection by visiting:

Check them out on Instagram~ @matchstick_monkey + @neatpr

And on Twitter~ @MTSK_Monkey + @Neatpr


Now that’s a bargain! 

This week we went to Mothercare and I just couldn’t not let all of you UK mamas know what an amazing sale they have on at the moment. Me and Arlo took a trip there with my friend and her baby and I picked up 4 nursing bras for £10.00. Yes, £10.00! We all know how expensive nursing bras can be; the bras I chose originally retailed at £15 each (£30 for a pack of two). I ended up leaving the store with 4 bras at what worked out as £2.50 each because when I got to the till they were reduced further to £5 for two. I couldn’t believe it! If you get a chance to get down to a Mothercare store you have to check out their sale. Their children’s clothes sale has pretty much finished now but they have lots of maternity items still on for amazing prices.


The pack came with a black and a white bra and I am wearing the other one right now but it’s exactly the same as the grey one above but with white stripes running through.

If you can’t get to a store you can check out what nursing and maternity bras they still have in the sale online.

Bath time just got a whole lot better

 Now Arlo is sitting up unsupported for a few seconds at a time now and generally seems a lot more stronger this week we decided to try bath time with his seat. Ours is from Kiddicare and he loves it. Before we used the seat, bath time would be an in and out job and although he doesn’t cry in the bath anymore he would get irritated after a few minutes. Now Arlo gets upset when it’s time to get out! He can’t get enough of splashing his little legs and he is that fixated on all of the bubbles surrounding him he hardly looks up, he loves it! I can’t reccomend the seat bath enough and makes bath time such a fun part of our day.

I hope you all have a nice rest of your weekend and a great week ahead!



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