So Arlo, What Did You Do This Week? #2

Babies and Biceps 

I have started a new class called Babies and Biceps and this week was our third session. After leaving early last time as Arlo wouldn’t stop crying (he was really grizzly from the injections he’d had the day before) I am so pleased I’ve stuck with it.  I have never been into my fitness that much but since having Arlo I definitely feel like I need to tone up and this class is proving the perfect way to do so. It is based in a sensory room with a ball pit, lots of reflective lights and bean bags so it’s really child friendly and the babies can play if they’re old enough. The babies who are really little like Arlo lay down in front of you on the mat while you workout beside them but my favourite bit (and the hardest) is when our instructor incorporates the babies into the exercises. I’m not going to lie Arlo is getting really heavy so doing bicep curls with him in my arms is bloody hard!

For any new mums considering joining a class but a little bit apprehensive my advice to you would be to just give it a go. I was really nervous before starting this class but once I got that first session out the way my nerves really did go.




Reasons to join a class…

It gets you out the house. As a first time mum it can be all too easy to stay indoors but now Arlo is that bit older I really do enjoy getting out and about with him. A class gives you something different to look forward to and is the perfect excuse to go out with your little one.

You can meet people. Even if it’s just a weekly thing, it’s nice to get talking to likeminded mums. Sharing your experiences in motherhood with women just like you can really help if you have any concerns or just after some adult conversation.

I’ve got the powder!

So last week I told you all we had introduced Arlo to formula milk and it seems to be going really well. I mentioned to you that he seemed to enjoy the ready made Aptamil bottles but wasn’t quite sure on the powder but I’ve not brought a single ready made bottle since and he seems to be getting used to the powder. I am giving him a bottle feed in the morning and his dad is feeding him in the evening when he gets home from work. I am still nursing Arlo a few times during the day and I’m finding that he’s sleeping a lot better during the night with his new feeding routine.

We’re using Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles and Arlo seems to have taken to them really well. I have occasionally expressed milk for Arlo in the past using the Tommee Tippee  Electric Breast Pump to get him used to the teats and I think it has worked as he has no problems drinking formula out of his bottle now.

Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care…

So this week Arlo has started putting his hands on my face when he’s falling asleep. I think it’s a comfort thing and it literally is the sweetest thing ever. But I think he is understanding more of what he can do with his tiny little hands, including tugging at my nose, lips and cheeks at any given chance. He’s also learnt this new crazy move of waving his arms in the air when he’s feeding and hitting his bottle. I was quite concerned about it at first but after reading that other babies have mastered something similar on Mums Net, I am not that worried about it. It’s amazing what new tricks our babies can learn but it’s also pretty scary how quickly they can then grow out of them!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!




  1. Kat (aka @triumphantf)
    January 5, 2018 / 7:28 pm

    I can’t take how cute he is! And I love to see parents and baby’s match with their clothing 😍 so cute!!

    • January 16, 2018 / 1:25 pm

      Thanks so much babe think he’s gonna break some hearts when he’s older! We love grey haha x

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