So Arlo, What Did You Do This Week? #1

As 2017 draws to a close, I am starting something new on So Arlo. Here is the very first digest of Arlo’s week which I’ll be bringing to you every seven days. Filled with developments, milestones, experiences and challenges that I face on my journey as a first time mum. Hope you enjoy!


Arlo the milk snob.

Coming from someone who said they would never breastfeed, nursing Arlo is amazing. I never understood people who said breastfeeding their baby was such a beautiful thing but from the moment he latched on at the hospital, I knew there was no way I could not breastfeed him. Four months later and I still feel the same; I absolutely love nursing him.

But I must admit that lately he has become a little bit more fussy on the breast, getting distracted and wingey at times so this week we decided to introduce formula with the intention of giving him a bottle at night time. We brought the ready made Aptimal bottles and he seemed to enjoy them. He took to the bottle straight away as I expressed milk into bottles in the early days. Since we’ve come back home from London we have been using the powder and he seems to be taking to it OK but not drinking as much as he did with the ready made ones.  I am starting to think that he only took to the ready made ones so well because they are the most expensive and apparently taste nicer?! I bloody hope not because I won’t be willing to fork out for those every time!

Anyway we will see how he goes. I am still going to continue to breastfeed and keep on with the bottles at night but any advice on this transition would be much appreciated!

Tooth be or not tooth be?

I am not really sure if Arlo has developed a new habit of sucking his fingers (and even his whole fist) or if he’s actually teething, or a bit of both, but this week it has been non stop! We have got lots of teething toys for him but he doesn’t seem interested in biting down or sucking anything, he just likes putting his whole hand in his mouth.

He can become irritable at times while he’s doing it so after a few friends recommended Ashton and Parsons, we went and got some from Boots today. If anyone has any advice or tips about the early signs of teething then I’d really appreciate it but for now I am going to see how he gets on with the powder and I’ll keep you posted.

Are you going to cry all night for Nanny and Grandad?

It was my partner’s birthday on Boxing Day so we went out for the evening, but only just. The lead up to us actually leaving the house was quite something! He just wouldn’t stop crying. I’d try and settle him and then pass him back to his Nanny and Grandad but he wasn’t having any of it. It’s like he sensed we was going out.

Eventually I got him to sleep and my partner and I  left for the evening. We’d just got off the train and we got sent a video from my partner’s mum of Arlo smiling and laughing with them. What a relief! He was such a good boy for them the whole night and seemed so content when we got back which was so nice to see.

I am not quite sure what the wobble was about beforehand but I am so pleased he felt happy with them. He’s with me all day long so I understand that settling down with others is something he’s not all that used to but I was determined to get him settled. After all, I hadn’t had a proper drink really over Christmas and I’m not going to lie I was really looking forward to a few G&T’s!

Hope you all have had a great week and enjoy the final weekend of 2017.



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