Arlo & Jaxon’s First Play Date

Jaxon is Arlo’s cousin and earlier on this week Arlo and I took a little trip to visit him and his mama to have our first little play date. Finally, I was pushing my pram through London with another mum and didn’t it feel good! There has been something quite awkward and maybe even vulnerable about going for walks with Arlo on my own in London, especially when he was only a few weeks old so it was a really lovely change to be accompanied by a new mum just like me. After completing my first solo overground train ride, we were met by Jodie, Jax’s mum, at the station.

Walking with our boys we joked about our not so smooth attempts up the curbs and awkward and bumpy entrances into Pret a Manger. After a coffee and a duck wrap which Arlo slept through, both boys were awake and alert once we had when we reached Jodie’s house so we decided to capture the boys together. Their outfits can be found below and I hope you enjoy their sweet little faces!

{Arlo ~ Sweater: Tu Clothing, Leggings: H&M Kids, Booties: Gap Kids}
{Jax~ Baby grow: Next}



I hadn’t been to this part of London before, it was good to explore a quieter part of the city with our boys…

I can’t wait for more days like these!



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